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Simulation of Sea Condition

At the time of ocean development, it's important to simulate the ocean environment.
Model tests done under conditions similar to actual sea conditions sych as waves, currents and winds similar to the actual sea condition.

Test of Flexible Pipe Artifical Reef Falling
Model test of flexible pipe for offshore oil fields. We research motion of pipe in waves and currents.

Simulation of artifical reef falling
Model Test in WavesModel Test in Waves
Model test in waves. It's possible to design economical ships and operation plans from model tests.

Ocean Simulation Circulating Water Channel

Ocean Simulation C.W.C. Ocean Simulation Circulating Water Channel is for research and analysis in the complicated phenomena in combination of waves and currents in the actual ocean. This Water Channe is large and wide, and has wave generator and wind generator. Experiments can be conducted in the circumstances quite similar to the actual ocean. And,a part of the basei4m~4mjis a moving belr style floor. it is possible to set the height of the floor.
Main Body length 60,200mm X width 4,000mm X height 5,400mm
Test Section length 48,000mm X width 4,000mm X depth 1,600mm
Max. Velocity 2.0m/sec
Max. Wave Height 400mm

Scour Under Bridge Pile Bouy in Waves
Simulation of Scour Under the Bridge Pile Test of Bouy in Waves, Winds and Currents


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