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Research on Propellers including P.B.C.F.

We develop high performance propellers through the model tests in circulating water channel. P.B.C.F. is the new device to enhance propeller efficiency to be born form the model tests.

P.B.C.F. (Propeller Boss Cap Fins)
P.B.C.F. designed to enhance propeller efficiency, decreases induced resistance due to hab vortexes by diffusing and reducing the vortexes generated by the boss cap top, according to the same number of fins as that of propellers attached to the boss cap in the rear of the propeller.

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Cavitation Tunnel
Cavitation Tunnel

Test Section Size 500mm X 500mm
Test Section Length 1.60mm
Velocity Range 1 ` 10m/sec
Pressure Range 0.2 ` 2.0bar(abs)
Other Experiments about Propeller
Visualization of Flow from the Propeller Visualization of Flow from the Propeller
Visualization of Flow Pattern Visualization of Flow Pattern
Measuring of Spindle Torque Measuring of Spindle Torque


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