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Development of Ship Hull Form Basis on Tank Test

Improvement on Resistance and Self Propulsion Performance

Self Propulsion Test

Improvement of Ship Hull Form

without bulbous bowwith bulbous bow
Ct Curve

Wave making pattern of bow of Full High-Speed Ships.
Ships under calm conditions.
There is a marvelous effect of bulbous bow.
Oblique Test Systems

Oblique Test Systems

Observation on Flow Patterns on Ship Model

Flow Visualization

Circulating Water Channels for Research and Development of Ship Hull Design

Circulating Water Channels No.1, No.2 and No.4 Channels are developed to improve the ship hull design. These Water Channel are equipped with the special equipment. Surface Flow Accelerator, Deaeration devices and Water Surface Smoother - and with Full Automatic Computer Aided Testing System. Measurement and analysis and display are conducted automatically.
@Main Body Length 14800mm X width 2000mm X height 5200mm
@Test Section length 6000mm X width 2000mm X depth 100mm
@Max. Velocity 2.0m/sec


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